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Valentin Malykh

I am Research Scientist at Neural Systems and Deep Learning Laboratory at MIPT

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  • [2016] Robust Word Vectors for Russian Language at AINL’16: slides
  • [2016] Reproducing Russian NER Baseline Quality Without Additional Data at CDUD’16: TBA


  • [11.2014] Machine Learning Overview at Sputnik: slides video (in Russian)
  • [22.04.2017] Right Answers Learned with Reinforcement Learning (at MLPrague): slides video
  • [25.04.2017] International Mobile Conference MBLT’17 Panel discussion about chat-bots: video (in Russian)
  • [31.05.2017] Moscow Data Science Meetup. ConvAI baseline: slides video (in Russian)
  • [02.06.2017] Dialogue conference, Technology Day. Scoring Dialog Systems: slides
  • [24.08.2017] RuSSIR summer school. Dialog Systems: day1, day2
  • [12.10.2017] GPU Technology Conference. NLP Workshop: (slides and videos are available by request)
  • [11.11.2017] Gorod.IT conference. Dialog Systems: Modern Perspective - slides
  • [16.12.2017] Advances in NLP 2017, Data-elka, chez Yandex slides video (in Russian)
  • [19.05.2018] DeepPavlov library overview, DataFestBY2, Minsk slides video (in Russian)
  • [30.08.2018] RuSSIR presentations: day1, day2