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Valentin Malykh

I am Senior Research Scientist at Huawei Hoah's Ark lab

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Who am I

I am Senior Research Scientist at Huawei Noah’s Ark lab and also doing some research projects with Kazan Federal University, my field of study is Natural Language Understanding, since NLU seems to be not possible without Deep Learning, the DL is my secondary area of interest. If you are a student and looking for thesis supervisor, you could check my teaching page.

I have graduated from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology with Major in Computer Science in 2009. I wrote my PhD thesis also there and defended it at Institute for Systems Programming, Russian Academy of Sciences in 2019. My PhD thesis and synopsis are available here (in Russian). The brief English version of the synopsis is published at ACL in 2019. My publications could be found here. If you want to read any publication, which is listed, but has no link, just write me an email.

I have worked at as Applied Research Scientist, and have a couple of papers published describing my work there. Also I have worked as a Research Scientist at Neural Systems and Deep Learning lab of Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, where I participated in research and development of DeepPavlov library.

I have wide experience in Information Retrieval:

  • I’ve improved Support with FAQ recommedation.
  • I’ve worked on Yandex.News quality (ranking and clusterization).
  • I’ve launched (as part of a team) the Sputnik, Russian government-sponsored search engine.

I also have experience with Computer Vision & Robotics:

  • I’ve developed CV for a robot (see below) & some aspects of Cognitive Technologies driver-assistant.
  • For the testing purposes, we’ve created a wheeled robot, where I was resposible for driving control (including the CV part).

My short CV is available here. The full CV is here.


  • [29.03.2020] CANCELED I will be presenting talk on Zero- and Few-Shot Text Classification at CodeFest in Novosibirsk, Russia.
  • [31.10.2019] I have received my PhD cetrification by Ministry of Higher Education and Science of Russian Federation!
  • [30.11.2018] My new Medium publication on EMNLP proceedings in two parts: first and second
  • [19.01.2018] Second part of previous article on Medium about NLP in 2017.
  • [16.12.2017] My new article on Medium about NLP in 2017.
  • [29.11.2017] My first article on Medium about dialog systems.
  • [24.09.2017] My first radio appearance at Komsomolskaya Pravda station. The record is available here (in Russian).
  • [05.08.2017] My article in RBC about wi(l)dely covered in press FAIR experiment on language creation (in Russian).
  • [17.07.2017] My new article on Habrahabr about word embeddings (in Russian).
  • [02.06.2017] My talk at Dialogue 2017 during Technology Day.
  • [31.05.2017] My talk at Moscow Data Science Meetup.
  • [13.05.2017] My workshop at SPbSU in Petergof.
  • [04.05.2017] I will be lecturer at RuSSIR 2017 summer school.
  • [25.04.2017] I’ve taken part in panel discussion at MBLT conference.
  • [22.04.2017] I’ll be giving lightning talk at MLPrague.
  • [20.04.2017] My new article at about Keras (in Russian).
  • [15.04.2017] My workshop at Higher School of Economics in Moscow.
  • [12.04.2017] I’ve decided to broadcast the updates from my repo with papers to Twitter. So you can subscribe there.
  • [08.04.2017] My workshop in Nizhny Novgorod at Lobachevsky U.
  • [01.04.2017] CANCELED Preliminarily I’ll be tutoring at Lobachevsky State University in Nizhni Novgorod.
  • [03.03.2017] I’ve become a certified NVIDIA Deep Learning Instructor. I’ll announce my workshops in a few weeks.
  • [22.02.2017] My new post at about history of Reinforcement Learning (in Russian).
  • [19.02.2017] I’ve finished tutorship at, all the materials for this course could be found here.
  • [29.12.2016] My new post at about history of AI (in Russian).
  • [04.11.2016] My article at about RNNs (in Russian).